How to organize a trip with your family? 7 best tips

What could be better than camping with tents and sleeping bags? That’s right, trip with your family. If you have long wanted to show your children wildlife and distract them from phones and computers, then this is your chance!

Camping with your family is a good opportunity to relax from the noisy city streets, dust and dirt, constant stress at work and study. It is also a great occasion to get close to your children. Cooking together at the stake, playing a ball, fishing, gathering firewood for a campfire will help you make contact with your child, and talk about what worries him or what interests him. You will also teach them many useful skills that are likely to be needed in the future: cutting food for cooking, making a fire, orienting in an unfamiliar space, rules of behavior in nature.

What you need to prepare for a camping trip with your family

1. Good mood

Prepare your children and spouse for a future trip. Don’t go on vacation with an unsolved conflict. Try reading the information about your camping site in advance. Tell the children about it.

2. Planning

This is a very important point. When traveling with children, the route needs to be thought out in advance. Immediately it is worth deciding on the road, the surrounding nature and the place for camping. There you will be able to adequately assess the situation if your children or spouse get tired on the way to the place of rest.

compass for orientation in space

3. Make a list of necessary things

In addition to equipment, a first-aid kit and products, you should think about what you will do in the camp. A camping trip with a family should always be accompanied by entertainment so that children are not bored. Take along badminton, a small ball or frisbee. Design or choose hiking games that your kids can enjoy! This approach to camping with your family will save you from the problem when the fly starts to whine and get nervous because of boredom.

4. Take a cooler bag with your family

Fresh food is very important for the healthy nutrition of children. And it’s always preferable to drink cool drinks when the weather is hot, isn’t it? In the refrigerator bag you can put fruits, vegetables, meat and drinks. This thing is especially useful if you and your family are traveling on a multi-day trip.

Take a cooler bag with your family

5. Take a large tent for the whole family

Trip with your family should be comfortable. A tent for such trips should not be small and difficult to assemble. Look for models that you don’t have to bother with for more than half an hour. It is also worth paying attention to the material of the tent. It should not allow moisture or a lot of cold air. A cheap and poor-quality tent can cause illness for children.

6. Safe campsite

Trip with your family should be safe. When you arrive at your campsite, make sure that there are no sharp stones, large branches or poisonous plants.

7. Precautions

Remember that you are in the wild, which is not always friendly to tourists, be sure to check that you have the necessary things with you:

  • First aid kit;
  • Documents that can confirm your identity;
  • Signal rocket launcher;
  • Charged phone;
  • Stocks of drinking water;
  • A replaceable set of clothes for each family member;
  • Compass;
  • Money;
  • Map or GPS navigator.

Be sure to tell your friends and acquaintances where you are going. Also notify the organization that is involved in saving lives in difficult situations.

The benefits of  trip with your family

The benefits of trip with your family

  • It’s much cheaper than traveling with the whole family to the sea. Just imagine how much money you would give for a family hotel room or airplane tickets;
  • You can show the children wildlife. Tell them about the local flora and fauna, play active games. Thanks to joint classes, you can become closer to each other!
  • You save a lot of money on food. When traveling to another city or country, you would have to regularly pay huge bills for a hearty dinner for the whole family. When you go camping with your family, you can buy a lot of cheap food. Do not forget that the food prepared at the stake is very tasty;
  • Camping is good for health;
  • Ttip with your family – a pleasant memory for you and your children. Together you will admire nature and animals, and you will also be able to camp together.


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