What mountain hiking footwear to choose

A beginner always has many questions before the first hike. And what footwear to choose is one of them.

That make sense as mountain hiking boots are one of the basic elements of your hiking gear. Your feet should be in comfort and safety. And properly chosen hiking shoes keep them this way, protect from injury, from rain and snow. The shoes must prevent foot rubbing or getting wet from any dirt or puddle. Otherwise, it will ruin the whole impression of a hike.

If hiking is rare occasion for a person, then these questions may be not so serious. Old sneakers can be put on. One doesn’t have to bother too much. Another way if you plan to go hiking more than once or twice and to do it as a hobby or professionally. Then you should seriously think about what you will have on your foot.

Light mountain hiking footwear


hiking sandals

If your mountain route is not hard, but it is hot, the best option is tu put on hiking sandals. They protect the foot from contact with hot ground, and there is a perfect ventilation. Another advantage of this footwear is its weight. They are very light and are practically not felt on a foot.

There are more disadvantages. The sandals don’t protect from hitting, water, dirt or pebbles. As they fix a stole less than sneakers, there can be different sprains and injures.

Although many people chose exactly this kind of shoes to go to the mountains. As they sure if sandals are properly chosen there will be no problems.


hiking sneakers

As a rule, for this light mountain hikking special sneakers are chosen. Even if you have to move in a hot climate you can choose it as well as sandals.

This footwear reliably fix the foot. They usually have a rubberized boot sole to protect your toes. In addition, they often make special inserts for better ventilation.The sneakers protect the foot and ankles from hitting, scratches and sprains, prevent moisture entering. In such shoes less dirt, sand, insects get into.

But if in the places of your walks there are poisonous insects and snakes, it is recommended to put higher boots.

Hard mountain hiking boots

Light tracking boots

waterproof hikking trekking boots

When a relief becomes hard and rocky and the high difference varies a lot, you need other shoes. They are like sneakers, but more potent and with high tops.

Their outer fabric is easy to clean. However they have low resistance to moisture, you can use special waterproof impregnations or shoe covers. Besides, some of these boots on a market are already protected from getting wet with a membrane or with waterproof impregnation, but it must be renewed frequently.You can also put rubber around shoes perimeter. This significantly reduces the wetness in conditions when the membrane does not always provide enough protection. Trekking shoes have a more plastic sole unlike mountain shoes. This allows you to feel the surface better and pass large distances with a less fatigue.

Such footwear is universal and is perfect for beginner tourists in most occasions.

Alps boots

snow mountain hikers alps boots

These boots are on the top of the mountain hiking shoes list according either to its price and applied technologies.

They have complex multi-layered soles, often with steel, special stuff at the front and back under ski bindings. Often, such shoes have additional warming, sometimes multi-layered.  Characterized multi-layer structures consisting of internal and external shoe, nested in one another. Also there are a special protection against the ingress of snow or moisture and a complex lacing systems.

In such shoes people ascend the big mountains. A person who is not engaged in mountaineering will hardly ever need such shoes for passing normal routes.

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