How to use the compass correctly?

Our world is rapidly progressing. This is noticeable even in tourism. On powerful smartphones, large-scale maps are loaded perfectly and there is an accurate navigator that can easily determine your location and build the most convenient route.

However, it is worth learning to use a compass. There are frequent cases when a tourist falls into a remote zone where he does not catch the Internet and geolocation does not work correctly. Many experienced travelers always   use the compass with them because they realize that in the wild they can only rely on themselves.

compass for orientation in space

To use the compass correctly, you need to choose a convenient option

If you are new to compass orientation, grab a compass on a transparent plate. A ruler and other indicators are drawn on it, which will help you easier to navigate on the map. It will also be easier for you to remember your route.

Interesting fact:

In order not to lose the compass, you should not just put it in your pocket. When climbing or jumping, it can easily fall out. It’s best to pull the cord through the compass and tie it to a bag or loop on your pants so that it is always there.

Choose a convenient point to view

When you pave the way from point A to point B, you always need to look for a convenient place from which you can see landmarks. Thanks to landmarks, it will be easier for you to navigate in space, you will not go astray.

What could be a guideline:

  • The mountains;
  • Tall trees;
  • Streams;
  • Rivers;
  • The buildings.

If a convenient site for finding landmarks is too far from point A, then try to identify unusual landmarks that can easily be recognized on the map.

How to use the compass on the map?

Expand the minimized card and place it on the most flat surface. It is not always necessary to lay out the map completely, it will be enough to open the part where you find and where the final point of your trip is shown.

When the map is laid out, put your compass on it so that the arrow clearly shows you north. Lay the compass so that it falls on the line that connects points A and B. Direct the viewfinder to the top of the compass plate. The direction should go towards the destination!

How to use  the compass

To use the compass correctly, you must configure it

After you have installed the compass on your map, rotate the compass scale so that the north on the scale matches the north mark on the map. This is not so difficult, since the north is always at the top of the map.

When you manage to compare the scales of the north, you can easily determine your own azimuth. Azimuth – the angle between your location and point B. The angle between your location and the final point of travel can reach up to 360 °. To measure this angle, you can just look at the compass, azimuth is the number at the point of intersection of the compass scale and the drawn line on your map.

What to do next?

Keep the compass on the map or in your hands (make sure that the compass in your hands is level and its arrow is clearly pointing north). Slowly turn your compass until the north on the plastic scale matches the north point indicated on the arrow. Great, now you only need to follow the route that was set by your azimuth. Do not forget that you need to check the compass regularly, making sure that the red compass needle always matches the north on the scale.

Tips for beginners

Yes, it may seem to you that using a compass is rather difficult. Especially if you rely on the instructions. If you want to develop your orientation skills in space using a compass, then try to practice. To do this, it’s enough for you to devote several of your weekends to small trips to nature. Go to a place that you know well enough. Select several destinations and try to reach them using our instructions and a compass. Gradually, you will get used to this form of travel, it will be easier for you to understand how best to get to your goal!

Take care of your compass

It’s not enough to use the compass, you also need to store it correctly. It has already been said above that it is better to keep the compass not in your pocket, but on a rope. Now you should know that the compass should be kept away from electronic devices. The fact is that your cell phone, GPS-navigator or pager can adversely affect the magnetic field of the compass. Because of this, the arrow, which points to the north, will begin to stray constantly. Such a gross violation of storage conditions can easily turn into a tragedy.

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