How to store a sleeping bag? 3 tips for tourists

A sleeping bag is an integral part of any trip that lasts more than a day. It’s so nice to set up a campground after a long day’s walk and climb into a soft sleeping bag to restore strength. How to store a sleeping bag at home?

When we return from a hiking trip, we usually throw the sleeping bag in the closet until the next trip. However, it’s worth considering how well we store it. If you store the sleeping bag incorrectly, then soon it will begin to lose its shape. Also remember that the material may undergo deformation, which is why it will not be very comfortable to sleep in the sleeping bag.

How to store a sleeping bag at home?How to store a sleeping bag at home?

There are no strange and complicated actions to keep your sleeping bag in good condition. To do this, you need to do just a few actions when you return from the campaign:

  1. Remove the sleeping bag from the cover;
  2. Spread the sleeping bag on the floor or clothes dryer. Dry all areas of the sleeping bag thoroughly;
  3. Loosely fold the sleeping bag and put it in a cotton or net bag;
  4. Put the folded sleeping bag in a cool, dry place.

Pretty simple action plan. It will not be difficult for you to repeat them after each trip. Although it may seem to you that this instruction is nothing special, it will help to keep the sleeping bag for a long time. This has been tested by many tourists with many years of experience!

how to store a sleeping bag in a closet

Why can’t you fold your sleeping bag? How does over compression affect it?

In no case don’t store your sleeping bag rolled up and with a tight cover on top of the entire product. With long-term compression, the fluff and synthetic filler of the sleeping bag loses its properties. The filling of the sleeping bag becomes loose, cannot keep in shape, does not retain the warmth of your body.

Usually between the layers of fluff and synthetic filler, small air chambers appear, thanks to which the body heat is stored and warms you throughout the night. When you store the sleeping bag incorrectly, its filler becomes thinner, the fluff and the synthetic layer are caking – your sleeping bag can no longer keep warm. Therefore, I don’t recommend that you store your sleeping equipment in tight cases.

How to dry a sleeping bag?

Like a swimsuit, the sleeping bag must be dried after use. If you fold a wet or completely wet sleeping bag and immediately move it into the cover, then there is a high risk that mold will appear inside and outside the sleeping bag. To avoid this problem, you don’t need to invent something new. When you return home from a camping trip, immediately remove the sleeping bag from the cover, unzip it and hang it to dry on a rope or hanger in a ventilated area. It’s recommended to dry the equipment for at least 6-8 hours. This way you can keep your sleeping bag for years to come.

Interesting fact:

If you want to keep your sleeping bag in factory condition, you should not dry it in the sunlight. Ultraviolet light can adversely affect the protective impregnation of the fabric, as well as contribute to the fading of the fabric.

How to dry a sleeping bag evenly?

To evenly dry your sleeping bag indoors, you can leave it to dry on a rope or hanger for the first 4 hours. Then for the next 4 hours, turn it inside out. This must be done. The outer side of the sleeping bag is most often made of fabric with a spray of water-repellent solution or water-repellent impregnation. Because of this, the outside dries quite quickly, unlike the inside of the sleeping bag. To make the sleeping bag dry even faster, you can hang it in front of the fan.

How to dry a sleeping bag?

To keep the sleeping bag you need to wash it correctly

If you are a very clean tourist and your sleeping bag does not have severe dirt or mold, this does not mean that your equipment does not need to be washed. In the absence of proper and regular washing, the fabric and filler of the product will begin to lose their insulating properties.

The most optimal number of washes is 1 wash per season. But if your sleeping bag got dirty during the next trip, then washing is mandatory for it immediately. To preserve the sleeping bag and its full use gel for washing products from down.

Where should a sleeping bag be stored?

It’s best to find a place where there is always dryness and coolness. In conditions of high humidity and temperature difference, the sleeping bag quickly deforms, loses its insulating properties, fluff and synthetic filler are caked.

What rooms are not suitable for storing a sleeping bag:

  • Unheated rooms;
  • Garages;
  • Attic;
  • Luggage carriers of cars;
  • Basements.

The best place to store is a cupboard. I also recommend purchasing a cover for a sleeping bag in the form of a large bag of breathable fabric. A mesh or cotton bag is a good choice. In such a bag, your sleeping bag will not be subject to constant compression, a constant source for ventilation will appear, and thermal insulation properties will be preserved.

A sleeping bag is an important element of camping equipment. To preserve this thing for a long time, you need to carefully care for it. Hope the tips from this article are helpful to you!

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