How to choose a hiking backpack?

Hiking backpack – is the main element of the traveler’s equipment. With it, you can carry the most necessary things in a safe and convenient way. You should always take your backpack with you, regardless of whether you are going on a short hike for a couple of days or for a long journey.

Interaction with mountain nature always requires proper preparation, and the necessary equipment is best packed in a backpack. This is a convenient and practical solution that will allow you to cross the winding paths on the mountain slopes. Let’s see, what should be a hiking backpack for mountains?

parts of hiking backpack


How to choose a Hiking backpack?

When you think about what kind of backpack is suitable for Hiking in the mountains, you should pay attention to several elements of its design. Perhaps some of them will be completely useless, and others will be used as necessary. In modern backpacks often can be identified the following elements:

Chamber (the cavity of the backpack)

This is the inside of each hiking backpack and the place where most of the equipment should be. Small models usually have one compartment. Medium and large versions can have two cameras separated by a zipper. Additional lock, located at the bottom of the backpack, is responsible for convenient access to things hidden at the bottom.

Additional pocket

Most large backpacks have an additional pocket, a spare part of the material fixed to the slots. It allows you to expand the camera and increase the capacity of the hiking backpack. How much extra you get, you can learn from the specs, usually determined by the numbers placed after the plus sign, like 65 + 10.

Travel backpack valve

hiking backpack valve

The valve designed to protect the contents of the backpacks from the top, can be fixed in two ways: permanently or with the possibility of disconnecting it. With adjustable valve it is possible to change the size of the backpack under portable equipment. You can also hide a tent or rope under it without worrying about losing them. Removable valve is becoming more popular, which can reduce the weight in General. Manufacturers of outdoor equipment often sew pockets for small items that are worth having on hand.

Top pockets for backpacks

Top pockets provide easy access to accessories that are worth having on hand. Usually they are stretched or have a plastic shape, which allows you to safely and securely carry a water bottle or spare scarves or socks. They are most often found in trekking backpacks. Usually these are models with simple and streamlined design.


These invisible loops and straps placed in different parts of the backpack can significantly improve its functionality. Using straps you attach equipment like trekking poles or ice axes for winter expeditions. Sometimes you can attach a Mat or mattress to the bottom of a Hiking backpack that takes up too much space inside.

Carrier system

It is best to choose a model of Hiking backpack, equipped with a ventilated support system. It consists of a rear panel, which should have the necessary ventilation, as well as shoulder straps and waist belt. Sometimes the back panel is sewn in the form of a grid with a partition that allows to create necessary space between a backpack and a back of the user. The hip belt holds up to 70% of the weight of all equipment in a Hiking backpack. The carrying system also contains elements to stabilize the belts and to allow adjustment of their length, chest belt and frame. The chest strap supports the correct weight distribution and the frame is a reinforcement of the structure. The idea is simple: the backpack should fit well to the body, but it doesn’t cause abrasions.

Water bag pocket

Water bag pocket

Tourists are increasingly choosing packages of water instead of drinks made of plastic PET bottles. The fact that this method of water absorption is more convenient, you don’t need to convince anyone. Today, manufacturers offer Hiking backpacks, which are perfectly combined with innovative technologies. They have a special pocket and the ability to extract a special tube that runs along one of the shoulder straps. This method allows tourists to drink water without taking the bottle out of the backpack.

water tube in a hiking backpack

Water tube

Rain cover

If the weather changes suddenly, it is useful to know about the presence of a dry garment in your backpack. In most of the tourist models of backpacks with a larger capacity, waterproof protective covers are installed, which provide additional protection of its contents from moisture. They also allow you to save your equipment from the rain.

Hiking backpack should be selected for your goals

Little is known about the functional parts of your future of a backpack, also it’s important to remember what is the purpose of your hike. There is a big difference between hiking backpacks for day trips and hiking backpacks for cycling trips. Take with you such equipment which will be easy and comfortable for you to move.


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