How to choose a day trip backpack?

After a long winter, many travelers are not averse to warm up and start again conquering of the mountain peaks or dense forests. This is perfect for spring or early summer. Grab your day trip backpack and start planning your trips. When you are finally going to get out of your cozy home towards the wild, do not set yourself too ambitious goals in the form of long and difficult routes. Choose an easy day trip to the mountains. Thanks to it you will be able to warm up, get used to the warm climate and great physical activity.

While going on a short trip, remember that you should always take a day trip backpack. A minimum set of hiking equipment can make your walk comfortable and safe.

What you should definitely put in a day trip backpack:

  • Clothes for change (in case of sudden change of weather);
  • Hot tea or coffee;
  • Snacks (nuts, fruits, sandwiches);
  • Map;
  • Headlamp (if you go camping in the dark);
  • First Aid-Kit

equipment for a day trip backpack

What you must remember when choosing a day trip backpack?

Unisex or feminine?

When choosing a backpack, your gender is important. Manufacturers want better adaptation to the expectations of future users, so more and more often next to the unisex version they offer models designed for women. The differences between female and versatile backpacks affect not only the color gamut. Designers also take care of the comfort of mountain walks fans, taking into account the peculiarities of the body structure and physical abilities of the person.

Day trip backpack capacity

Don’t take too large backpack for day trips. You don’t need to carry a tent, sleeping bag, climbing equipment and many other dimensional things. With a large bag you will be uncomfortable to move, you will get tired quickly, and the backpack will be half empty.

man is too heavy day trip backpack f

What is the size of a backpack?

We have already determined that the day trip backpack should not be large. The exact size depends on the style of hike you prefer. If you are inherently minimalist and prone to hiking in the mountains light, then you will certainly look at the smallest backpacks with a capacity of about 10-15 liters. With this luggage you can roam easily without overloading your back. This is valid only in the case if you will be able to competently apply his penchant for minimalism while collecting gear for your backpack.

Remember that the luggage can only fit the most necessary things. Having a small backpack brings a certain minimalism to the outdoor approach, because you have to limit the size of clothing and equipment. Take with you things that made of modern, easy and convenient materials that will not take up much space. A thick wool sweater, to which you are firmly attached, can destroy your plan to go for a light hiking.

The principle of the golden meanlightweight backpack for day trips of 18 liters

As you can see, when choosing the capacity of the backpack for day trips, there is no strict rule. The main thing is your comfort. Before visiting a travel store, consider whether you can limit your equipment without worrying about it. Based on this, choose a day trip backpack of suitable volume. If you can’t clearly choose any extreme option, aim for the “middle”. There are good chances that this backpack volume of 18-25 liters, which will be the best choice for you.

What is a must-have weight of a backpack?

Lighter the backpack, the more pleasant it will be to travel with it. However, don’t seek to reduce the backpack at any cost. If you take too small backpack for basic equipment, you will create a lot of discomfort for your back during your journey.

Remember that nothing is free. To reduce the weight of the backpack manufacturers often refuse to stripe additional pockets, belts, shock-absorbing parts and fasteners. It’s worth remembering about the materials used. Only modern fabrics that can withstand the harsh conditions of forests and mountains can reduce the weight of your hiking bag. So, if a light backpack will seduce you with an incredibly low price, be on the alert. Low weight in this case may be the result of the use of poor and substandard materials.

The day trip backpack should be all the same qualities as the bags for mountain hikes. More details about the components m talked in the article about “choosing a backpack for a hike in the mountains.”


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