How not to freeze in a sleeping bag: 8 useful tips for tourists

When choosing a sleeping bag, many people often try to find one that is both very soft, light, comfortable and warm. However, not every tourist understands how to keep warm in a sleeping bag, which is why we often hear stories of how people in several layers of clothes froze to the snap of their teeth in expensive sleeping bags made from modern or natural materials.

In order not to freeze in a sleeping bag, adopt the following methods. With them, sleeping in a sleeping bag will be comfortable and safe.

Correct size for sleeping bag

The first step is to determine what size the bag will be the most comfortable option for you. Also, worth keeping in mind the temperature indicators of a sleeping bag.

If you purchased an oversized sleeping bag, then you should remember that it will be more difficult to warm up the empty places inside the equipment with your own body. However, too small a sleeping bag can hurt. There is a risk that in a dream you will begin to move and a hand or foot will fall out of a sleeping bag. In the morning you may find that your limbs are frostbitten. That’s not enjoyable, is not it?

In addition, a tight sleeping bag can also cause poor heat retention. You will not only be uncomfortable, but also cold. If the temperature indicators of a sleeping bag do not correspond to the temperature outside, then you draw again to face the cooling of the body.

Tip: when choosing a sleeping bag add to your height another 15-20 cm. A sleeping bag of this size will give you a comfortable sleep and will not take away the precious warmth! Growth rates are usually written on etiquette. Be sure to talk with the seller to help you choose the right one.

Body heat goes through the head

If you have a cocoon sleeping bag, then adjust the hood at the top of the sleeping bag. About 30% of your heat is lost due to a protruding head. Try to tighten the hood so that you can see only the face.

If you are using a sleeping bag blanket, then try to make so that only the head protrudes from the sleeping bag. Wear a hat on your head, and then a jacket hood. So, you cannot freeze in a sleeping bag.

In order not to freeze in a sleeping bag, use a travel mat (tourist foam)Use a travel mat to keep warm in your sleeping bag.

An additional source of heat is the tourist mat. Thanks to him, you do not have to sleep on the ground, which cools quickly at night and becomes wet. Also, the travel mat is quite soft. So, you cannot freeze in a sleeping bag and sleep with comfort.

Wear the right clothes for an overnight stay

You can put on all things, but most likely you will be hot and uncomfortable. In order to sleep comfortably in a sleeping bag, pick the right clothes. For example, wool thermal underwear is perfect for sleeping, because it sits on the figure and does not stretch. Due to the properties of wool, the fabric is very thin and retains the warmth of your body.

If you take underwear from merino wool, then you get a quality thing with good properties. For example, such wool underwear will prevent unpleasant odors. You will not smell sweat or other liquids and allocations.

Sleeping Bag Liner

In order not to freeze in a sleeping bag, purchase a special liner made of silk or cotton. Thanks to this thing you will be much more comfortable and warmer. Also, because of the liner, the sleeping bag becomes softer and more comfortable. You will be able to fully relax and get enough sleep to continue the journey through the mountains or forests.

If you do not want to freeze in a sleeping bag, then try to combine them

Try to connect two sleeping bags in one. Many models of sleeping bags have the ability to connect them together. This is due to the fact that their zipper divides the sleeping bag entirely into two parts. In this way, tourists who go on winter hikes regularly use it.

If you do not want to freeze in a sleeping bag, then try to combine them

Wear extra protection

If the temperature in your sleeping bag is higher than outside, then you can involuntarily pull out your arms and legs to cool. This is very dangerous, because you can freeze yourself of course. In order to protect, I advise you to additionally wear socks and gloves on your arms and legs so that in such cases your limbs are safe. So you do not risk to freeze in a sleeping bag.

Additional heat sources

If your feet or hands are constantly freezing, you can make an improvised heating pad. To do this, boil the cutlets with a little water and pour it into a bottle, flask or heating pad. This method perfectly helps not to freeze in a sleeping bag. Do not worry that the water bottle may cool down. The water in it will remain warm due to the proximity with your body.

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