Cold weather hiking pants -how to choose the best?

More and more cool days are a signal that summer has said goodbye to us forever. Autumn and winter will come soon, you will have to get warm clothes. Today we will talk about how to choose cold weather hiking pants. This is very important, because most often the person’s legs and feet get cold during the autumn and winter hikes.

Low temperatures and a lot of snow are a difficult obstacle for some tourists. Because of this, they rarely begin to travel in the mountains. The rest of the travelers probably cannot wait for the moment to get to the snowy mountain peaks. Before you go, you need to check the status of equipment. This is necessary so that the winter cold will not become an unpleasant surprise for you. There is no guarantee that the equipment that worked in the summer will serve you well during the cold months. We always remember that we need a warm jacket, gloves and a scarf for winter time. However, many tourists forget about how important it is to choose the right hiking pants for cold weather.

What kind of cold weather hiking pants will be effective?

Hiking Pants with Membrane

Unique materials in these pants allow tourists to be in difficult environmental conditions. Cold weather hiking pants, which are equipped with a membrane, can protect a person’s legs from heavy rain, sleet and cold wind. Pants with a membrane are often bought by lovers of climbing on the ice due to the effective skin protection.

Membrane pants, despite a number of advantages, also have several disadvantages. The membrane is designed to prevent ingress of water and heat transfer, but it restricts air circulation. Therefore, with long physical exertion, a person may feel discomfort due to the skin, which does not receive oxygen. The process of heat transfer begins, your legs become sweaty and cold.

Soft cold weather hiking pants

Membrane clothing has become less popular due to the appearance of a softer material. Fleece does not protect so well from heavy rain and sleet, but the soft material is as light as the membrane.

Fleece – synthetic knitwear, which is made of polyester. Now this is a very popular material, because fleece has a number of advantages:hiking pants for cold weather with fleece

  • Very lightweight material;
  • Elasticity;
  • Dries quickly;
  • Can be washed in a washing machine (does not require special care);
  • Does not decompose in the biological environment;
  • Average wear resistance;
  • When wet, fleece is able to retain its insulating properties;
  • Not an allergen.

Softshell materialSoftshell material

The softshell material was developed as a way to combat the rule for tourists: “clothing for hiking in bad weather should consist of 3 layers: thermal underwear, warm clothing, protective clothing”.The idea was to combine the last two categories. Softshell fabric performs two tasks: protection from wind and moisture, as well as maintaining heat.

The fabric is soft and multi-layered. It is based on: synthetic fiber (polyamide, lycra, polyester, cordura and polyurethane). Now they have begun to add natural fibers to synthetic elements, improving the overall composition of the material.

How do cold weather hiking pants work with softshell?

The face layer tends to repel water, allowing the penetration of only a small amount of moisture. This outer layer is superimposed on a softer material (fleece), which saves people from heat loss. In addition, between them there is a membrane layer (additional protection). The thickness of the fleece layer determines how warm hiking trousers will be for cold weather. The softness of fleece is due to the fact that it consists of a microvillus with fine fiber. Therefore, under heavy loads and excessive sweating, the fabric remains dry and retains heat.

How to choose cold weather hiking pants?

Fastener systemhiking pants for cold weather is better to take with suspenders

For high-quality protection in cold weather, it is worth thinking that your hiking pants will hold onto a person well. The choice of fastener system comes down to the question: “take the pants with a belt or suspenders?”

In winter and autumn, it’s better to take cold weather hiking pants with suspenders, since they have more advantages:

  • On the back there is an extra piece of fabric that will protect your back from the wind. In addition, it will provide additional heat;
  • Thanks to the suspenders your pants will never slip and will not fly off;
  • The belt can squeeze your stomach during certain physical activities, unlike braces.


If you still decide to take cold weather hiking pants with a belt, then remember some problems. The waist belt fits snugly to your body, so it comes in contact with sweating skin. Wet stuff will begin to stretch worse and rub your skin. If the belt is tight, then during exercise it will begin to squeeze your stomach.

To choose hiking pants in the correct belt, you should take a model of trousers with a soft belt. It must be made of materials that repel water.

Air vents

Air vents are very necessary if you have a walking trousers with a membrane. To improve air circulation, manufacturers use different types of air vents that are “activated” by lightning (they belong to most emergency elements. Therefore, you should make sure that the model you are interested in uses materials from a manufacturer with a good reputation).

Cold weather walking pants

The function of ventilation can also be performed by unbuttoned leg (in some models, lightning takes up almost the entire length of the leg). However, they are mainly used to facilitate the installation of wide winter shoes.

Cold weather walking pants


It is clear to everyone that pockets on hiking pants are an important detail. Good pants will have a lot of pockets. Seek for the hip pockets on your pants. They are convenient for storing small equipment.

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