10 best travel gift ideas! Presents to give for die-hard travelling lovers.

We constantly face the same question – what present to choose? After all, there are so many holidays during a year and opportunities to please beloved ones with some cool things or an unforgettable experience. And you can also give presents without a reason, it is doubly pleasant! The choice becomes easier when a person has a hobby, such as tourism. If you don’t know what to give a traveler as a present, here are some of the best travel gift ideas.

Travel scratch map of the world

travel scratch map is a good travel gift

One of the best universal travel gift idea. Whether it’s a gift to a hitchhiker sister or a traveling uncle, beginner or professional – this travel scratch map will look great on everyone’s wall.

All countries on the map are covered with a special gold erasable foil. When we visit a country – we erase its area on the travel scratch map.

Perhaps it will even encourage to start travelling, or motivate to travel more, because there will be a clear goal hanging on the wall – to make the map color!

Travel scratch map of a particular country

travel scratch map is a good travel gift

It can be presented to a traveler who likes to travel around one country. It may be his native country, or maybe he often travels to some country abroad and is delighted with its culture, architecture or nature.

It is used as the previous scratch travel map, it’s only less in size. And the objects on such travel scratch map are larger and more detailed.

Retro stickers for suitcase

stickers can personalise luggage - best travel gift ideas

One more good travel gift idea. The traveler can decorate his suitcase and make it unique. Such bright and personalized luggage is easier to find it at the airport. That makes travelling much easier.

Power adapter

power adapter is a good travel gift for her and him

That’s certainly an indispensable thing that should be given to the traveler as a present. This is a great travel gift for those who go abroad a lot. Because there are several types of sockets in the world, and the one that the tourist carries from his country most likely will not fit the one where he is going.

Experienced tourists know that the power adapter for the socket is an indispensable thing in travel. If it is universal – it will be, perhaps, the best possible option of travel gifts!

Power Bank

power bank is a good travel gift idea for man and woman

Such a thing is no surprise, but it does not make this travel gift idea less valuable. It is still worth giving the traveler an external battery. Even if he already has one.

Life in the modern world is very dependent on gadgets. Travelers face different difficulties and sometimes they really need to charge a phone or laptop, but there is no possibility.

Power Bank is ideal for long flights or a few days in the woods or mountains.

Solar charger

solar charger is a good gift for travel lovers

A great solution for travel, during which we do not have access to electricity. Unlike power Bank, such a device takes up much less space in backpack. It makes the tourist more independent (except to some extent from the weather).

Bottle with filter

bottle with filter is a good travel present

What else useful travel gift can you buy? Filter bottle. With it, your friend/ brother/ matchmaker will always have drinking water during the tour or hike. And this is really important.

Water can be poured in it even from a dirty river, well or puddle. Thanks to the filter, the water will be cleared of germs, odors or strange colors.

The filter must be replaced every few months of active using. You can give it as a present to the traveler for the next holiday 🙂

GoPro Camera

best gift for travellers is GoPro camera

A small camera that takes photos and videos of excellent quality in heavy conditions is another good travel gift. It can be installed on the helmet, on the car, be used under water, so you can shoot really amazing and unique things from trips and foreign adventures.

In addition, these cameras are strong enough. Dust, sand, water do not harm them.

You can also give the traveler additional photo staff for more shooting opportunities. For example, a fisheye lens with a 180-degree view or a selfie stick.


best gift for travellers is a customised lighter

Lighter is one of the items in the list of things required for hiking. Therefore, you can give it to a traveler who loves long routes in nature.

With it, he could always get a fire or lamp if there is no flashlight.

Now you can order custom lighters for every taste. A unique design will emphasize the nature of your relationship.

GPS tracker

good gift for travel lovers is GPS hiking tracker

Another great travel gift idea for those who loves hiking.

First of all, GPS tracker allows to send the location of the tourist on the map, no matter where he is. Even in the deep forest, where there is no Internet. This minimizes the risk of getting lost.

Secondly, if something happens to a tourist in a place cut off from civilization, for example, he broke his leg, or was bitten by a snake, all he has to do is to press HELP. And even if there’s no Internet or phone connection, the nearest rescue service will come and help.

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