How to choose a hiking dog?

Many travelers often have a choice as how to travel: in a large company or alone. Big company is good and fun. However, to collect a whole group of people, taking into the personal schedule of each, you can spend a lot of time (which is better to spend on hiking).

In addition, there are travelers who are more comfortable to go hiking alone. They are tired of constant communication with the same people. In addition, you must constantly adapt to the wishes of others, significantly speeding up or slowing down the time of your trip. But tourism alone also has a minus. If a person finds himself in a critical situation, for example, he will be crushed by a tree trunk or he falls into a mountain cold river, then no one can help him.

Many people don’t realize that there is a third type of travel – hiking in the company of a dog. These fluffy creatures will not be able to bandage your cut or put a splint on a broken leg, but they will be there at this moment and will not abandon you. In addition, they will always be alert and will be able to warn you about the danger at night in the mountains or the forest. Dogs will not pester you with talk, but will always be able to listen to you. It’s just fun with them.

girl travels with her dog

Which breed of dog is best for hiking?

In principle, any breed or half-breed of dog can be your companion on a journey through the forest or up in the mountains. But you should take into account of there are so many dog ​​breeds that some of them are not adapted to heavy physical exertion and long walks. Basically, they are decorative types of dogs. Chihuahua or lapdog will be for you only a burden in your carries a dog in a backpack

There are dogs for whom daily exercise is vital. For such breeds, traveling with your favorite owner will be a real pleasure. Through breeding, humans developed breeds characterized by certain external, physical, and mental data. Representatives of different breeds pass on a certain set of skills that are used in various professional fields: police, hunting, livestock security. With half-breed everything is much more complicated. It is impossible to predict how such a dog will behave in different climatic conditions and emergency situations.



For this reason, in the article we will consider only a few breeds that can be good companions in your journey.


This breed is popular with residents of many European countries. Shepherd are versatile and easy to train. We can often meet them in the service of the police and other security agencies. These dogs will be excellent companions for any single tourist.

Due to its large size and good endurance, the shepherd can carry its food on its back in special backpacks for dogs. They can be ordered in specialized stores or by yourself.

Shepherd will always be next to you and will be an excellent guard in the woods or mountains.

shepherd stands on the grass



Among travelers, the Husky is a leading breed. This breed was bred for traveling long distances in low temperature conditions. Beside the endurance characteristics of this dogs you can add force. For several hundred years, Huskies have been pulling sleds in northern countries. Now these dogs have become very popular and it will not be difficult for you to buy a puppy in your town. Huskies feel great in winter trips. They are great helpers and excellent heaters in such conditions.

Despite the beauty and good qualities of the Husky, this breed has its drawbacks. Experienced dog handlers will immediately tell you that this dog can turn a hike into a catastrophe. Huskies can easily get distracted by something (noise, insects, light, other animals) and run away. Your trip will no longer be a pleasant journey, but will be an expedition to find your own pet. You can keep the dog on a leash, but then you yourself will be uncomfortable to move.

husky in hike



Good, obedient and energetic Labradors are also very appreciated by many hikers. These dogs are distinguished by their balance and strength. Just like shepherd dogs, Labradors themselves can carry their food in special backpacks, because they are big dogs. Because of their versatility, people often take their hikes even for rafting. Labradors are great friends and reliable companions.

Initially, this breed was taken as a hunting dog. They could get wild birds out of the water for hunters. Labradors have unique wool, which doesn’t get wet due to the fact that water flows from it.

Labrador in hike


Border Collie

Border Collie is a shepherd dog from the UK. She is very energetic, smart and fun. Due to its qualities, this dog has become very useful for many farmers. She doesn’t only guard the sheeps, but doesn’t allow them to run away, driving each of them into a stall. Now the dogs of this beard have become very popular among urban residents.

The border collie has a small body size, it is very mobile and friendly. These dogs will be good helpers for you and a true friend in any campaign.


Bull terrier

This breed of dog causes a lot of controversy and discussion. People who are poorly versed in bull terriers consider dogs fighting. Someone says that they are scary because of the unusual shape of the muzzle. Do not be such people, because the bull terriers are, in fact, good dogs that will go with you with great pleasure.

Bull terriers are very sociable, it is very difficult for them to do without human attention for a long time. for this reason they will always be happy to see you. Dogs of this breed have a strong body, so they do not require special care. Unless, they need to regularly receive physical exertion – a trip to your company is great for keeping the shape of a bull terrier!

Bull terrier in hike


Schnauzer is a service breed originally from Germany. These dogs are very clever and agile, so they are easy enough to train. Despite its mobility, the Schnauzer will not run away from you after seeing a squirrel or a mouse. These dogs are created for constant activity, so they are happy to walk more than a dozen kilometers with you. Their balanced nature and desire to protect will make your trip comfortable, without unnecessary tension.

Schnauzer in hike


Miniature schnauzer

Their height at the withers does not exceed 40 centimeters. Despite their small size, these dogs are very hardy and hardworking. This breed can often be found in the service of the police at airports. Their excellent nose helps to find weapons, drugs and bombs. Miniature Schnauzer is as mobile as its “big version”. It will be easy for him to travel with you, quickly avoiding any obstacle in his path.

Miniature schnauzer in hike


Spaniels have become famous throughout the world for their hunting skills. Do not look down on their harmless appearance and small size. These dogs love to run in the open, not forgetting a couple of times to jump into the bushes, looking for small animals. At the same time, the spaniel is very attached to its owner, so he will never run away from you.

Spaniel in hike

Siberian husky

Siberian husky is a freedom-loving breed that does not like to sit in an apartment. Indoors, she will be bored because she was made for hunting. Huskies are very mobile dogs, they will not be difficult to go with you a long way. At the same time, she always behaves actively and playfully.

Siberian Huskies have medium body size, sense of smell, endurance and a good response. With such a friend and helper in your trip  you will not get bored.

Siberian husky  in hike

Fox terrier

This baby is a real badass, a thunderstorm of foxes and badgers. They were taken out to hunt for animals that hide in burrows. Fox terriers have high mobility and intelligence, as well as excellent endurance. They are as small as chihuahua pugs or pugs, but they don’t have to be carried around like ornamental dogs.

Fox terriers are very independent, but they are still trainable. sometimes they even like it. If you decide to take this breed for a hike, then be prepared to show firmness in teaching the teams of this kid.

fox terrier in hike


How to choose a dog for a hike?

Each breed has its advantages and disadvantages. To understand which one is right for you, you need to determine what qualities of a dog you need for your personal travels:


Some dog breeds are too agile and independent than others. For complete obedience, you need to train your pet necessary commands.

  • Shepherd dogs always try to keep close to the owner;
  • Hunting dogs love to run after small animals and explore the terrain. You need to train the dog to come back to you;
  • If you plan to travel with a dog on a leash, then it requires less training than dogs without binding.

Choose a dog with good stamina

In this article we told you about many good dogs that are great for long journeys. If you like some other breed that is not on our list, then pay attention to its endurance. The dog must withstand long walks and natural obstacles (forests, mountains, rivers)

In which climate do you travel?

Choose a dog of such a breed that can endure severe frost if you like to visit the northern corners of our planet. If you like to walk in the jungle or in European forests, then pick a dog that easily tolerates rain and heat.

Dog size matters

You should understand which trips you like best and whether the breed you choose will cope with them. If your dog gets hurt, will you have enough strength to treat its wounds and bring it home? If you cross a stream or river, can your dog cross them?



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